Codes and Rules

Below are a few of our ordinances.
For a complete list of all ordinances, contact the borourgh office.

Please check with the Borough office before beginning any construction which might not be in compliance with
Leechburg Borough Codes.

Section F-403.3 Out-of-door fires prohibited on streets, alleys and public grounds, restricted on private property:

1.  No person or persons shall set or maintain any fire upon any streets, sidewalks, alleys or public grounds in the Borough of Leechburg or burn or cause to be burned thereon any paper, boxes, rubbish, leaves or other material or substance of any kind, nor shall any person or persons set or maintain fires or burn or cause to be burned any substance or material of any kind out of doors on private property in the borough except as permitted in Subparagragh 2.

2.  Regulation of out-of-door fires on private property.  Out-of-door fires shall be permitted upon private property in said borough, provided that the following regulations and restrictions are strictly adhered to:
            2.1  Every such out-of-door fire shall be built in and confined to a noncombustible container, covered with a screen of 1/2 inch mesh or with
                   other suitable noncombustible material.
            2.2  No such fire shall be closer than fifteen feet to any building or any property line.
            2.3  No such fire shall be allowed to burn on Sunday and shall only be allowed Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00a.m. and

An ordinance of the Borough of Leechburg, Armstrong County, establishing a notificaton requirement and a permit for the placement of any dumpster, roll-off or any other similar device upon the streets, alleys, or right-of-ways in the Borough of Leechburg and proscribing penalties for violation of the designated zone.

Section 4. Establishment of Notice Requirement and Issuance of a Permit

     No dumpster, roll-off or other similar device shall be permitted to stand or obstruct any street, alley or right-of-way within the Borough of Leechburg, unless the property owner, landlord, tenant, or owner of the device shall first notify the Boruough of the intended location of the dumpster, roll-off or similar device.  Within five business days of notification, the area will be inspected by the Borough to insure that the location does not present a driving hazard or obstruct the street, alley, or right-of-way in such a way to prevent the safe ingress and egress of emergency vehicles and responders.  Should the location be approved, a Permit shall be issued.  If the location is deemed unacceptable, the applicant shall be notified and a more suitable location shall be identified.
     The Permit shall be valid for thirty days after issuance and can be renewed for an additional thirty day period thereafter.

186-18 Snow and Ice Removal

    Whenever snow or ice, or either of them, shall have fallen or shall have formed upon any sidewalk in the borough, the owner or occupant of the lot or lots fronting thereon shall remove all such snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of or along his or her premises by 10:00am each day, and no notice shall be required from any borough official or employee to do so.  Any violation of this section shall subject the offender to the penalty as provided in 186-20 of this Article, provided that the owner of a property shall be subject to the requirements of this section where the property is unoccupied or is occupied by the owner.  The occupant shall be subject to such requirements where the property is occupied as a unit by such occupant.  The owner shall be subject to such requirements where the property is a multiple-business or multiple-dwelling property or otherwise consists of more than one unit designed for separate tenancy.

An ordinance of the Borough of Leechburg, Armstrong County, regulating the keeping of certain animals and proscribing penalties for violation

A.  No owner, or person in possession, shall permit his or her dog to run at large upon the public streets, sidewalks, or other public places, or upon the property of another.

B.  The owner or person in posession, shall confine the above animals in an enclosure sufficient to prevent such animal from running at large, and such enclosure shal be of a size conducive to good sanitary practices and adequate and sanitary drainage facilities shall be provided.

C.  A dog shall be restrained by the use of a leash, or a chain not exceeding six feet in length, at all times when upon public places, streets and parks.  When walking a dog on the street, sidewalk, parks or public places, all litter and dropping of the animal shall be picked up and removed by the owner or person in possession in an appropriate container.

D.  No owner or person in possession shall keep or harbor any dog, cat, small animal, or household pet, within the Borough so as to create offensive odors, excessive noise or unsanitary conditions on the owners property which are a menace to the health, comfort or safety of the public, or otherwise permit the commission or existence of a nuisance.

E.  Every owner or person in possession shall cause the litter dropping to be collected daily in a container or receptable that when closed shall be rat-proof and fly-proof.