The Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society

      The Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society is located in the oldest house in Leechburg, the David Leech House. The collection includes era clothing, signs and other artifacts from Leechburg area businesses, Leechburg High School momentoes, sports pictures, information about local industries (Allegheny Ludlum, Schenley Distilleries), paintings, photographs, history books, Leechburg Advance newspapers, furniture, Leechburg postcards, and more.

       The gift shop features Leechburg Museum sweatshirts, t-shirts, notecards, videos of the 1950 centennial, Leechburg Cookbooks, and other souvenirs.

     There is also a large research library filled with interesting, rare and exclusive documents dating back to Leechburg's earliest existence and information about our ancestors who were born, lived or died in Leechburg.