Leechburg Borough is a zoned community.

                                      Contact:      260 Market Street
                                                        Leechburg, PA 15656
                                                        (724) 842-8511

Zoning Procedures
Be advised that if you have development needs inside the borough, you need to fill out an application of intended use. That form will be forwarded to the zoning officer for determination as to the proper procedure.


Permits, Licenses, Applications and other Forms

Click the links below to find a printable copy of each form.

All links on the left open to an Adobe.pdf file. In order to read and print these forms, an Adobe Reader is required.  If you do not have an Adobe Reader, a free copy can be found at the link below.

        Application of Intended Use

        Construction Drawings Requirements

        Construction Permit Instructions

        Construction Permit Application (Building Permit Application)
           Electrical Permit
           Energy Code Compliance 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Only
           Mechanical Permit
           OSHA Safety Standards Signoff
           Plumbing Permit
           Workers' Compensation Addendum
           Zoning, Historic District and Flood Hazard Signoff

        Building Permit Approval and Issuance

        Sanitary Sewage Hookup Inspection for New Construction

        Shade Tree Commission Permit Application

        Public Notice and Acknowledgement regarding Storm Water Run-off